Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blueberry Bushes

Sitting in my garage are six blueberry bushes. We purchased them at our local gardening supply store. I am excited to plant them on my next day off. But, I discovered that I will have to display years of patience in order to sample the sweet fruit pictured on the tags. Apparently, once blueberry bushes are planted you are not suppose to allow them to bear fruit for 3 years!

Check back later this week. I plan to post complete with pictures when the project is complete.


  1. That is great. Good start to growing something in your backyard. You better watch out, is addicting!

  2. Oops that was suppose to say it is addicting. I need to learn to proof read before I hit post. It's that darn ADD.

  3. Hey, my brain problem-o!

    We put in 4 of the 6 plants tonight before someone got a call that he was due in a 5pm to work. (Did you forget us? they said). So, we will have to finish the project tomorrow.

    I will admit, while at Agway shopping for the blueberry eyes were scanning to see "what else" I could bring home and plant. You are so right!