Sunday, March 29, 2009

Seed to Seed Challenge

For me, change is a process. I tend to think about something for a long time before I actually try it.

This has been the case with planting my own garden. For over a year now I have thought about, talked about it and even coveted others gardens...but no more. It is time to move on with planning and doing. I have decided that this is the year!

Since this is my first garden, I don't have seeds of my own to start with. So, when my niece showed up selling the local farmer's market seeds via a fund-raiser flyer, I jumped at the opportunity purchase herb and vegetable seed packets. Thanks to Cassidy, I am not only one step closer to harvesting my own vegetables but I have also supported two great causes...with just one transaction.

As the planting and growing season progresses I plan to post about it here. Will you follow along?

Care to check out the Seed to Seed Challenge? Here is the link:


  1. I am SO excited for you!!! I knew you'd make the move EVENTUALLY ;) It will be a GREAT experience for your munchkin as well. Now you need to get her some chickens & bunnies so you can have some manure for your garden. :)

  2. You know I read an article in the local paper not too long ago that Maine towns, such as Yarmouth, are asking for ordinances which allow for example: chickens for the purpose of personal egg supply. I wonder why my city's ordinance would allow for?

  3. I heard about this in Portland area as well. Look into it. Or just do it and don't keep any roosters and keep it low key. Haa, haa, I am such a rule breaker.

  4. Great job citygirl! I have all my seeds and am anxiously awaiting the time/ability to get out and prepare my veggie garden! I have strawberry plants and two blueberry bushes to plant as well....