Friday, February 27, 2009

Paying Attention

I am ashamed to say...up until recently, my mindset has been to look at my pay stub in terms of the "government's portion" (taxes) and "my portion" (what's left over). And since I am so busy just managing the "left over", I don't spend a lot of time analyzing where the "government's portion" goes. Well, that is not entirely true...I guess I did have thoughts like "Social Security and Medicare tax...okay, well...I'll never see that money again, so guess I better start a 403(b) for my own retirement...and more recently,...oops, there goes my retirement fund, guess I better start stuffing cash under the mattress.... Hmmm...anyone else see a pattern here?

AND since our Nation is borrowing trillions of dollars to fund bank, insurance and auto industry bailouts, not to mention huge stimulus packages...I guess it is past time to pay attention...but better late than never.

President Obama has promised transparency in government spending. If you are interested in where your tax dollars (both present and future) will be spent...check it out: also provides a link (look for the map of the U.S.) to each state's website where you can track how recovery funds are being spent in your own state.

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